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10 Ways to Love Where You Live

While you are surrounded by heart-shaped chocolates and flowers in February, do you ever wonder what is it about your city that you love? Whether you are new to the area or have been a resident for many years, sometimes it is hard to find new activities outside of your comfort zone that bring you joy. We are here to help! There are so many ways to make the best of your town and Hampton Roads is full of love this time of year.

Here are 10 ways that we have found to Love Where You Live!

  1. Join your local library: The public library is free to city residents and offers so much more than just books! Programs and classes focused on education, games like chess and even Yoga are available to members and are perfect for individuals of all ages.
  2. Try new restaurants: Whether it is in your city or a neighboring city, trying new restaurants can be an exciting way to love where you live. Restaurants are always popping up and mixing in a new place once a month is a fun way to change up the usual.
  3. Join a running club: North End Run Club, Weekly Fun Runs, and November Project VB are just a few of the amazing outdoor running clubs we have in Hampton Roads. Get out and meet new people in your community while getting some fresh air and keeping healthy throughout the year!
  4. Get outdoors & explore: Hampton Roads is home to so many outdoor activity spaces that most don’t even know about. Whether it is a day spent at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, First Landing State Park, the Chesapeake Arboretum or the Elizabeth River Trail, there are so many ways to explore the city around you & enjoy time in nature.
  5. Shop Local: Between local restaurants, shops, craft shows, and pop-ups, there are so many ways to support local businesses in Hampton Roads. Spending time shopping local is a great way to continue to give back to the local economy and help ensure businesses continue to flourish in your town.
  6. Catch a live concert: Between outdoor venues and indoor concert halls and stages, there is a plethora of ways to see, hear, and experience live music in our area. From country music, to rock music, to the symphony, there is always something happening in Hampton Roads.
  7. Visit a museum: Take a Saturday off from errands and experience art, nature, or science the local way. Spend a day at the Virginia Aquarium, a great place to take kids to learn about the water surrounding our area, head to the Chrysler Museum and check out many different types of art from multiple time periods, or check out the Military Aviation Museum, home to one of the largest collections of WW1 & WW2 military aircraft in the world. These museums and more await you!
  8. Host a party: While most people tend to hibernate in the winter, February is a great time to host a party. Maybe invite your girl friends over for a Galentine’s Celebration, host a SuperBowl party, or throw a “just because” celebration for your family and friends to bring everyone together in the colder months.
  9. Look beyond your neighborhood: Getting out of our neighborhood can be a small but meaningful way to learn to love where you live. Finding new parks, restaurants, and places to spend time with family and friends can bring you more experiences and happiness.
  10. Find home wherever you are: The best way to love where you live? Find home wherever you are. Whether it is visiting a special place in your town, incorporating parts of your travels into your home décor, or inviting guests to share a meal with you, home is what you make it. We hope that you love yours!

Keene Woods Realty is dedicated to helping residents of Hampton Roads find their forever home. As a small but robust locally-owned real estate company, we know the ins and outs of each city in the region. Contact us today to get started on matching you with your perfect home!

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