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At Keene Woods Realty, we are very privileged to get to work with some of the area’s most talented professionals in all areas of real estate. Our affiliates of lenders, attorneys, stagers, and more help our buyers and sellers complete the home buying and selling process from start to finish.

For May, we are highlighting attorney, Cythina Couch Jessee, (www.couchjesseelaw.com) of Couch Jessee Law. Part of the winning formula for Cynthia’s practice is her approach to real estate as a passion, not just a practice. From the smallest land deal to adding an adjacent parcel to a residential lot, Cynthia has the pleasure of practicing her passion every day.

Rewards come to all in dollars and cents – that is why people buy and sell real estate. Whether it is a residential home or investment property, the acquisition and sale of commercial property or a commercial lease, people are pushing forward to realize their dreams. Cynthia’s enjoyment stems from the intellectual challenges each new deal presents. Practicing law is not just representing her client effectively, it is managing the deal effectively. This requires professionalism, experience and the knowledge to balance the personalities of the parties, the business points agreed upon, the legal points of necessity to your client and the ability to make sure all sign on the dotted line. The best clients are not always the easy ones, but the ones that challenge us and make us more effective at the job we perform.

Another reason that Cynthia is such a good fit for Keene Woods and our clients is her commitment to Hampton Roads and the community. One of Cynthia’s causes is Circle a Home for Horses (https://circleahome4horses.org/). Cynthia was introduced to the organization when she was closing for on a property in which the owner was associated with the cause. Cynthia’s husband was a rodeo athlete for 25 years and have since adopted three horses from Circle A and working on their 4th!. The couple has also started a horse hauling business-Green Acres Transport, LLC.

According to Cynthia, she wants “clients (no matter the size) to obtain the “large firm” quality of representation with the “small firm” experience of knowing your matter is important.”

Just one more reason to check with Keene Woods Realty for your real estate needs from start to finish.

Family. Relationships. Commitment.

Cynthia Couch Jessee, Esq.
Couch Jessee Law
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