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Are You Ready for Grilling Season

Nothing announces the arrival of summer like firing up the grill. Unfortunately, the same thing that gets you excited and ready can also sour a summer party. No one wants to bother with a grill that won’t light, smokes too much, or cooks unevenly. So before the season heats up, give your BBQ its annual cleaning and checkup.

First you will need to deep clean your cooker. The charred coating on the grate isn’t added flavor, it is good old dirt. To remove this, dry scrub with a non-scratch sponge or nylon brush, wash with dish soap and water, rinse, then dry thoroughly.

Next you will need to deep clean the exterior. Clean with warm soapy water and wipe dry. You may also a high heat spray paint to touch up surfaces that do not come in contact with your food.

If you are a gas grill owner, you must prep the propane. Do a gas check by running a leak test. To check your hoses for leaks, coat the regulator valves and hoses with soapy water, then turn on the tank to pressurize the system. If you see bubbles, gas is escaping and your hoses may need to be tightened. Once you have tightened them, run the test again. If gas is still leaking, it is time to buy new hoses.

Now that the grill has been cleaned and the gas has been checked, let’s make sure you have all of the essential tools needed.

  • Fuel
  • Chimney Starter for Charcoal Grills
  • Heavy Duty Oven Mitts
  • Tongs
  • Grilling Spatula
  • Instant-read Meat Thermometer
  • Foil and Paper Towels
  • Outdoor Garbage Can
  • And Lastly a Fire Extinguisher! Just in Case

Finally you are all set for your first summer cookout!!

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