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Kathy Keene currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA. She has been a dedicated member of the real estate industry since 2001. After graduating with a degree in Small Business Management, Kathy went on to work at a top accounting firm. But while purchasing a new home, she found herself deeply involved in the process, and knew instantly she wanted to get involved in real estate.

Kathy started out by focusing on resale in the Richmond area, but when she returned to Hampton Roads, she immediately focused her attention on new homes. Kathy quickly became the #1 online sales agent for a national builder.

Since then, she has had the privilege of working with several local builders and created a solid reputation as the go-to broker for new home sales. In addition to her passion for new homes, Kathy excels at creating visionary goals for real estate firms. While working for a local builder, she was solely responsible for developing and managing an all-inclusive sale team. During her time there, Kathy was able to mentor new agents— something she has been excited about since teaching computer classes to agents years ago.

Now, Kathy has decided to develop a project of her own, so that she can provide the highest quality service to her own clients. In addition to a passion for real estate, Kathy has a love for the beach, music and arts, traveling and time with loved ones.

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We here at Sasser Construction have built hundreds of homes and have worked with as many Realtors. Kathy Keene is one of the best. She looks out for her clients, guides them through the homebuilding experience and makes it enjoyable for all, including the Builder. Many thanks to an accomplished professional.
Eric Sasser

Keene Woods Realty

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