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Keene Woods Realty – REALTORS®

Recently, Keene Woods Realty achieved the honor to call themselves REALTORS® by the National Association of Realtors.

You can’t afford to go it alone and Keene Woods just earned one more reason why you should choose us on your real estate journey. We just earned the professional designation of becoming a Realtor by the Realtor Association. So what has changed?

Let’s start with what hasn’t changed:

  • Great customer service. You will always speak directly to an agent - never a secretary or middle man
  • Life-long locals who know the area, inside and out
  • Flexibility. We offer our customers the best value with customized service to meet everyone’s specific needs and situations
  • Experience. We know the best service, have an amazing network of affiliates and a knowledge of the Hampton Roads real estate market
  • We know the military. Our agents are certified military residential specialists and know how to work within the parameters of housing allowances or VA financing

And while we have always subscribed to these code of ethics, as certified Realtors we are letting others hold us to that standard as well.

And as Realtors we pledge the following:

  • To protect the individual right of real estate ownership and widen the opportunity to enjoy it;
  • To be honorable and honest in all dealings;
  • To seek better to represent my clients by building my knowledge and competence;
  • To act fairly towards all in the spirit of the Golden Rule;
  • To serve well my community, and through it my country;
  • To observe the REALTORS® Code of Ethics and conform my conduct to its lofty ideals.

At Keene Woods Realty, we always pride ourselves with excellent personalized customer service and look forward to continuing that as Realtors in 2018!

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