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​David and I could not be more grateful and impressed with Wyndy Woods, our real estate agent. We had endured evicting two tenants, repairs and high maintenance tenants in order to keep our lovely 1st home in the Thoroughgood neighborhood. We tried selling a number of times but were generally unhappy with the lackluster results prompted by a failing market and agents who never seemed to have our financial interests at heart. When faced with tenants determined to break their rental lease 7 months early, we were looking for options. I knew Wyndy prior to her retiring from the sherrif's department and so I already knew her work ethic and integrity were beyond reproach. She met with us and helped us take the emotion out of our decision. We decided to list the house for sale. Wyndy performed a thorough market analysis and marketing plan. Our house was listed in mid-july and within 10 days Wyndy secured the offer that sold our house.  Wyndy steered us through the entire negotiation process, always keeping our financial goals at the forefront. Wyndy made it happen for us. She is the consummate professional, always hard-working and extremely knowledgeable. She put her skills to work for us and turned an uncertain and stressful situation into a win for the Somers family. We highly recommend Wyndy Woods!

Karen and David Somers,

Keene Woods Realty

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